digital signage for cannabis dispensaries

We provide custom designed and developed digital signage solutions for your dispensary. Nothing is template based or preset. We also believe digital signs should be very easy to manage and anyone without technical knowledge should be able to update content. Our web based solution or iOS app makes this very easy and content can be updated on the fly.

Dedicating one, two or even three monitors to display your product lists, strains, concentrates, edible products as well as daily specials is essential for any modern dispensary. Multiple screens also can be synced to transform them into a large video wall which is a great way to educate or entertain waiting customers.

Cannabis dispensaries are moving towards digital signage boards because of the many advantages and benefits a digital solution offers. Digital signs are an investment, but the benefits of digital boards outweigh traditional board solutions such as printed materials, magnetic signs or handwritten chalkboards many times. Plus we can build a digital chalkboard for your dispensary that looks like a real blackboard.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Save time and money, easily change menu items and manage board content
  • Advertising advantages
  • Better pricing flexibility
  • Increase revenue by up selling, posting specials on the fly
  • Improve customer experience with engaging content
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Educate and up sell with stunning videos
  • Automate by scheduling your content
  • Better accuracy with orders

Additional Benefits of Digital Flook Boards for Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Save more money with exceptional hardware reliability, some Flook boards have been running for over 60,000 hours uninterrupted.
  • Custom design and development, your board will look and work the way you want it to.
  • Plug & Play that works with any HDTV or projector with HDMI input.
  • Show third party feeds (Social Media, News, Weather) on your boards.
  • Multi location set up with one point of access management.
  • No computer or additional software needed to manage boards.
  • Treez POS Integration. Read more

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