Digital Signage is a network of digital, electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment, and merchandising to targeted audiences.

Digital Signs are a way to electronically display information, advertising and other messages on digital screens such as LCD, LED or plasma displays.

Digital signs can be found in public and private environments including: medical facilities, waiting rooms, retail stores, real estate office windows, schools, office buildings, airports, train and bus stations, banks, auto dealerships and other public venues.

Digital signage networks can be created to distribute media and targeted messaging to multiple locations and screens for maximum effectiveness.

Our system can be used to gather feedback from questions asked on screen, by way of push button responses we can gather and email back the days log of answers collected by the interactive screen.

Flook Digital Media Inc. offers a solution that turns any HDTV into a Digital Chalkboard™. You send us the specifics of how you want your chalkboard to look and we custom design the look and custom code the layout. The result is an authentic handwritten chalkboard look and yes it does come with scratches and smudges, but it gets displayed on a TV screen or can even be shown using a projector.

So why do I need a digital sign at all? Couldn’t I just use my existing chalkboard or go out and purchase one and a set of chalk for next to nothing? The answer, of course, is: Yes, you could. However, chalkboards don’t come with all of the advantages of digital signage. On the other hand, digital signage comes with all of the advantages of a chalkboard, and much more.

When was the last time you saw a chalkboard play HD video or display a Social Media feeds in real-time? Digital signs have stunning graphics capabilities, can run video, web feeds, and even live television all at the same time. The possibilities are truly endless. Comparing a digital sign to a chalkboard is like comparing a horse-drawn carriage to a Ferrari. Consider placing your digital sign out where the world can see and enjoy it.

  • Return on Investment through reliability. The first project we did is now running 24/7 without missing a beat since March 2012, that's over 2,100 days or over 50,000 hours of uninterrupted up-time.
  • Our “Plug ‘n’ Play” sign controllers work with any modern consumer grade TV or projector with an HDMI input.
  • Flook Digital Media ‘Digital Menu & Beer Boards’ content can be updated using any web browser without the need to install or learn additional software.
  • Custom design and custom coding of your digital menu board to your exact specifications, we do not use a “template system” or anything preset. Your menu board will look exactly as you envision. We can create design mock up s for you or work with your graphic designer and supplied menu board designs.
  • We use a solid state system to drive media to the screens, instead of computers. These internet connected sign controllers have no moving parts, are very reliable and are monitored by us.
  • “Dayparting” allows you to show scheduled content at different times of the day. For example show your breakfast menu in the morning and it automatically switches to a lunch menu mid day.
  • Screen can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Multiple screens can be “synced”, for example to create a large video wall.
  • Multi location set up option with precise permission settings to specify who has access to what content on a multi location menu board set up.
  • Captivating full HD multimedia presentations.
  • Full HD and 4K video, showcasing menu items and local area activities and events.
  • Untappd Integration.
  • Real time feeds, such as news, social media or local weather feeds.
  • Live TV feeds.
  • Populating Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) from Digital Sign content.

Our “Plug ‘n’ Play” sign controllers connect to a HDTV or projector via HDMI cable, connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable and pug into power outlet. We do offer an add-on option for WIFI access to your digital chalkboard, but we highly recommend a hard wired Ethernet connection whenever possible. It’s much faster, more reliable and more secure.

All of our digital chalkboards™ are custom designed and coded. You send us the specifics of how you want your chalkboard to look and we custom design the look and custom code the layout. The more details such as company logo, branding details, font and colour preferences, printed materials (menu tap list etc), a rough sketch you can send us the better. We find that many of our clients already have a pretty good idea of what it is they want. If you have an idea or have seen something you like, please let us know in the beginning of the process. The result is an authentic handwritten chalkboard look and yes it does come with scratches and smudges, but it gets displayed on a TV screen or can even be projected. If you prefer to work with your own graphic designer, send us the finished design. We can custom code your digital board to exact design specification.

Once you approve and sign off on the final design it takes about two weeks for us to custom code your digital board. When coding and final testing is completed we then ship to your address usually by Canada Post or UPS.

We offer full support with your digital signage from training on how to manage content to addressing any technical issues that may arise. We monitor the status of your digital signs and can remotely trouble any issues if needed.

Need help with your digital sign? Email: or

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Customer Comment

Listen to be straight. Was it an inconvenience? Yes but here’s the difference. Your company addressed it almost immediately and diligently worked with us until it was resolved - no matter whose end it was on. Just another reason why we are pleased that we chose Flook Media.

Thank you - we’re good

All of our Digital Signage projects are custom quoted based on complexity of the content as well as size, number and type of screens used. We do however offer Digital Menu Board packages for restaurants and pubs starting as low as CAD $1,599 (app US $1,200).

All of our pricing in Canadian Dollars, with the current exchange rate this translates into an app. 25% discount for US customers.

Take the first step and click here now to submit your project request or call us at no charge @ 1.877.603.5665 or local  @ 778.436.2558

There is a small yearly maintenance and network access fee. This allows us to remotely monitor your digital sign and troubleshoot any issues if necessary.

Through our network access it also provides the ability to control and update sign content to multiple locations using a web browser.

Yes, you can have multiple screens running the same or different presentations. There are no limits on the number of screens, from one screen to a full video wall.

Each screen needs its own Flook Digital Media sign controller.

We use all different sizes of LED TV monitor for different applications. The size of the signage depends on location and on the amount of media in your message. We can do horizontal or vertical presentations.

Yes, mp3 files can be played and integrated into a presentation, sound can start and stop with a presentation or button pad. Also sound from video files as well as live feeds from cable/satellite TV or security cameras can be played. External speakers for better sound quality are recommended.

  • Yes, you can run content full screen, split the screen into zones, and rotate it for vertical/portrait mounting
  • Each zone can show any type of content, including multiple videos, text and image files, and tickers at the same time
  • Switch from multiple zones to full screen mode on-the-fly to highlight your most important messages
  • Zones and full screen mode can be linked and/or synchronized over multiple screens

Yes you can use a projector that supports an HD 1080p resolution and has at least one HDMI input port.

Via any web browser

To update your sign content is an easy 5 step process.

  1. Log in at the portal web site
  2. Select your Digital Sign Content
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click the "Save" button
  5. Logout

Your digital sign content will update in seconds.

You will need an Internet connection to the sign controller to be able to update content on your screen. We also remotely monitor the sign controller.

No, your screen(s) will NOT go blank, it will display the last state before the Internet connection was lost, but you won't be able to update screen content until an Internet connection is re-established.

Yes, our "Plug and Play" Digital Signage Systems works in just about any country in the world including most European countries such as the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain etc as well as Australia and New Zealand. Our sign controllers ship with a variety of power plugin adapters. If you need more information about compatibility in your country please feel free to contact us.

If you have a business account with Untappd we can display Untappd content on your digital board through our system. Advantages are that we can still custom design your board and style Untappd content accordingly, as well as divide your digital board into Untappd content and other content. For example show your Untappd beer list in one area and show your content such as upcoming events, daily specials or Social Media feeds in other areas.

We have numerous locations across the United States and Canada that use Flook Digital Boards and now including the UK with our first working overseas project in Solihull, UK (not showing on the map).

Here is a map of current locations »