Category: Dispensary

Client: Blooming World Cannabis

Location: Invermere, BC

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019

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The Challenge:

Blooming World Cannabis, one of the first approved dispensaries in the Invermere area since the legalization of Cannabis in Canada was looking for a digital solution to upgrade their chalkboard used to promote daily specials. Blooming World Cannabis staff was using a 8 ' X 4' chalkboard to handwrite specials on a daily basis, which was very time consuming.

The Solution:

We suggested the existing board could be used with our system to project daily specials onto the board instead of handwriting the items. With this approach we were able to create background animations as an additional "attention grabber". One of the owners, who also happens to be a graphic designer supplied the layout for the board as well as creating subtle animations of board elements such as their logo fading in and out, headings moving and lines wiggling.

We custom coded the supplied design to exact specifications and helped with the set up of the sign controller and projector. Blooming World staff now can easily update the board through our web based interface on the fly without the time consuming task of handwriting their daily specials.

The board looks like an authentic chalkboard, the animation however is a bit of a give away that's it's not. It certainly does grab the attention of dispensary visitors and customers which helps to increase sales.

Digital Dispensary Projected Menu Board