custom designed cannabis board powered by treez pos system

Flook Digital Media Inc. partnered with Treez, the leader in cannabis software. With the help of their API we are now able to display content from the Treez POS system on our custom designed Flook digital menu boards at cannabis dispensaries.

If you are a cannabis dispensary owner and are using or considering the Treez POS system for your business we can help you with a custom designed digital menu board that integrates with the Treez POS system. Your digital menu board content will be pulled from your Treez account, populate your board and update as you manage your products in your Treez portal. This eliminates dual data entry, you will be able to manage POS items and populate your digital board menu at the same time.

A real time and money saver!

If you are using or considering a different POS system, please get in touch. Chances are we will be able do the integration for you.

Custom designed cannabis dispensary menu board with Treez POS integration.

features & benefits

  • Save time and money.
  • One point of entry to manage POS items and populate your digital menu board.
  • No need for a separate digital menu board system.
  • Custom designed menu board layout.
  • Custom developed POS integration.
  • Digital board content automatically updates in almost real time.
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