We believe your digital signage, menu, beer or chalkboard should look and work exactly the way you want it to.
We believe digital signs should be easy for anyone to manage from anywhere.
We believe digital signage shouldn’t require a computer and operating system to run.

We offer digital signage solutions for all types of businesses such as restaurants, pubs, retails stores, manufacturing facilities, real estates offices, car dealerships, transportation services, health, government and education institutions plus many more.

But we specialize in what we do best: Digital Menu and Beer Boards with an authentic chalkboard or retro look!

Digital Chalkboard Solutions

And it's easy! We custom design and code your restaurant menu, craft beer list or whatever else it maybe exact to your specifications. Our "Plug & Play"sign controller with your content connects to any HDTV or projector with and HDMI port displaying your digital chalkboard content. For details please check our FAQ page.

Watch the video below to find out how our digital chalkboard system works.

Customer Comment

We use Flook at the Pony Bar UES and it's just great. We love it and our customers do too.



Projected Digital Chalkboard

Beside our successful Plug & Play solutions that turns any HD TV into a digital chalkboard we now offer projected digital signage solutions.

If you need to display a menu or beer board larger than a TV screen, ask us about our projected flook boards with a very realistic handwritten and hand drawn chalkboard look. Projecting your menu or craft beer tap list onto a wall or onto an actual blackboard results in that real authentic chalkboard look. We can even add subtle background animations as one of the many unique features we offer.

Updating and managing your digital chalkboard content is just as easy as with our TV based solution. Use our iOS or a web browser to update and change content on the fly. With our iSO app you now can take a snapshot of your menu or beer board in real time and post to social media with one click of a button.

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Digital Menu Board with authentic chalkboard look

Let us design and install a fully customized Flook Digital Menu Board. We develop the menu board with your content, and once it is installed you can change images, items and pricing as easy as checking your email.  Display your daily specials, news and events all without the need to have on staff a server that can write legibly with a stick of chalk!

Why not have a display in your sitting area while your patrons wait for a table? You can inform them of new menu items, or feature wines! Heck, have your Wine Agent put advertising on your sign.

Digital Chalk Menu Board

Introducing the Flook Digital Media, Digital Chalkboard. It's not a real chalkboard, it just looks like one and the letters don't rub off! Cafes are the place to go for great coffee and to catch up on the latest news and gossip! With a Digital Chalkboard we can display local and world current 'real time' news and events with text and images, stock tickers and even your Twitter® feeds so that your cafe can be the one that's talked about! It's the ultimate digital chalkboard menu.

Digital Menu Board Benefits

Digital Chalk Beer Board

Flook Digital Media can bring your sports bar, pub or club into the 21st century of food & drink service signs. Our system is ideal to showcase your pubs ever changing craft beer menu, promote drinks specials, announce new craft beers arriving soon, or let patrons know every detail of their favourite beverage.

Display news feeds, your latest tweets or Facebook posts or switch the screen to show the game, our system does support HD TV feeds. The screen also can be divided to show Live TV in one area and promote your own food and drink specials at the same time in another screen area. More than one screen? No problem, with our sign controllers content can be displayed and synced over multiple screens, even turned into large video wall.

Untappd Integration! Show your Untappd content on a digital Flook chalkboard.

Digital Beer Board Benefits

Digital Chalkboard

Get our custom designed digital chalkboard for your craft distillery or brewery. Enhance your customer experience by adding an authentic chalkboard looking digital menu board to your distillery or brewery.

It looks like a real chalkboard but it's a digital solution with a consistent handwritten chalkboard look and without the need to find the staff member with the nice handwriting.

Chalkboard content can easily be updated on the fly from any computer, tablet or mobile device without the need for technical knowledge.

Digital Tasting Room Signage Benefits

Digital Signage for Dispensaries

The already large cannabis market is growing fast, now with several states in the US that have legalized marijuana and Canada legalizing in 2018. We believe digital signs should look and function exactly the way you envision. That’s why we provide custom designed and developed digital signage solutions for your dispensary. Nothing is template based or preset. We also believe digital signs should be very easy to manage and anyone without technical knowledge should be able to update content. Our web based solution or iOS app makes this very easy and content can be updated on the fly.

Dedicating one, two or even three monitors to display your product lists, strains, concentrates, edible products as well as daily specials is essential for any modern dispensary. Multiple screens also can be synced to transform them into a large video wall which is a great way to educate or entertain waiting customers.

Digital Cannabis Board Benefits