• We believe your digital signage, menu or beer board should look and work exactly the way you want it to.
  • We believe digital signs should be easy for anyone to manage content from anywhere without the need of technical knowledge.
  • We believe digital signage shouldn’t require a computer and operating system to run.

And we just happen to build beautiful custom digital chalkboards.

Client Comment

People are loving the board, it looks amazing! Old Devil Moon has been packed pretty much every day since opening. Thanks again, you guys knocked it out of the park on this project!


Tony & Markus co-founded Flook Digital Media with nearly four decades of web development and graphic design expertise between them.

Tony, born in London UK, brings skills in both hardware & software. The vision and development of Flook Digital Media has been the coming together of many interests in technology, computers and digital media.

Markus, originally from Bavaria, Germany has an incredible attention to detail. He has spent countless hours creating, hosting and managing hundreds of websites for clients around the world and is only now too happy to be approaching them about digital signage.

So what is the Flook team working on right now in the Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia? Well, trying to stay warm like everyone else!


Tony Wagner

Partner & Owner

Tony Wagner

Partner & Owner

The Brit


Email: tony@flook.ca
Phone: 877-603-5665

Markus Doerner

Partner & Owner

Markus Doerner

Partner & Owner

The Bavarian


Email: markus@flook.ca
Phone: 778-436-2558


Our graphic design team will create your unique signage design from our ideas or based on your exact specifications.

custom develoment

Do you need specific features on your digital sign? We can help by custom develping functionality as per your specifications.

content management

Managing board content in real time is very easy through our web based interface without the need for technical skills.


Flook Digital Media provides the necessary training to make it easy for you to manage your digital sign and board content.


We see the relationship with you, our client, as a partnership providing full support and maintenance solutions.


Our system is "Plug & Play". Simply connect the media player to a TV or projector and connect it to the Internet.