digital signage using a projector

project details:

The Challenge:

Standard Deviant Brewing in San Francisco wanted to install a digital beer board using a projector in time for the San Francisco beer week starting February 9th, 2018. They were replacing a “letter board” using plastic letters for their beer list and other information. Mark, one of the owners saw our projected digital chalkboard solutions we did for Freewheel Brewing and the Old Devil Moon.

The Solution:

Because of the very tight schedule we only had a little over two weeks to custom design, develop and ship the sign controller for the digital beer board. We were able to complete this project ahead of schedule which gave Mark and his team time to set up and test the system before the start of the San Francisco beer week. Updating content is easy for Mark and his staff and content updates happen in real time using our iOS app.

  • Completed on: February 1, 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Client: Standard Deviant

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