digital beer board using a projector

project details:

The Challenge:

Devin Roberts from Freewheel Brewing Company in Redwood City contacted us after Chris Cohen, owner of Old Devil Moon in San Francisco gave him our information. We did our first projected digital chalkboard at the Old Devil Moon. Freewheel Brewing was looking to replace their beer board at the taproom and wanted to implement something similar to what we did for Chris. They were using a chalkboard with small hand written signs that attached via magnets. They were looking to replace this setup and potentially go with a projection setup.

The Solution:

We came up with couple of design ideas and after finalizing the details we custom coded the new Freewheel Brewing Company projected beer tap chalkboard. Devin and his team purchased a projector, connected it our sign controller and were able to project an authentic looking design onto an actual chalkboard. Staff now can use our iOS app or a web browser to update the digital chalkboard board content in real time and are able to generate snapshots which can be posted to Social Media on the fly.


We love it! You guys did an awesome job!

Devin Roberts Sales & Marketing Director at Freewheel Brewing Company

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