digital signage for breweries

project details:

The Challenge:

Tony from Mud Hen Brewing Co., a newly opened brewery in Wildwood New Jersey, contacted us regarding a solution for their beer menu boards. Tony was looking for something with a chalkboard look but also having the advantage of digital technology. Mud Hen Brewing was in the need for three vertical digital boards showing identical content showing two presentations that could be switched depending on how many beers they wanted to display.

The Solution:

Mud Hen Brewing Co supplied the designs for the digital tap list boards and Flook Digital Media Inc built the boards to exact specifications in time for Mud Hen's grand opening.

We created two presentations, one for a tap list of 12 beers and the other one for a tap list of 8 beers. When the presentation for 8 beers is showing it also displays a picture which can be easily changed by Mud Hen staff through our web based interface. It even has the option to upload multiple pictures to display a slideshow. To switch to the presentation showing the full beer list, staff simply has to populate the text field for beer #9 and all three boards automatically switch to the full beer list. To switch back they just remove the text from beer #9 and it changes back.

  • Completed on: March 1, 2018
  • Location: Wildwood, NJ
  • Client: MudHen Brewing

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