Category: Pub

Client: Old Devil Moon

Location: San Fransisco, CA

Date: Monday, August 22, 2016

Old Devil Moon Website

"It looks rad! The vast majority of people had no idea it was a projection and several times someone freaked out when they saw it move and realized it wasn't chalk. The very subtle animation is just perfect."
Chris Cohen, Certified Cicerone and partner of Old Devil Moon

The Challenge:

We think this one is better explained with pictures and a tiny bit of text. Chris called us about their "Old Devil Moon" project, a unique place in San Francisco with "Craft Beer, Cocktails, PO Boys, Patio, Mischief Made and Spritis Raised". They were still building the place but looking for a digital chalkboard tap list projected onto a real chalkboard with some of the elements animated. Here is the drawing Chris sent us.

Old Devil Moon Idea

The Solution:

We came up with a "chalkboard look" design idea for Chris, using their supplied logo, art and design specifications. We also created very subtle animations of the moon tilting, the light in the cabin going on and off, wind blowing through the tree branches, stars twinkling and a water ripple in the moon reflection. Yes we can do animation on a chalkboard!

Digital chalk menu boards Canada

Chris and his team purchased a projector, connected it our sign controller and were able to project an authentic looking chalkboard design onto an actual 6' X 4' framed chalkboard, and it looks awesome. It is set up for the Old Devil Moon staff to use our iOS app to update their digital chalkboard board content in real time and be able to generate snapshots which can be posted to Social Media on the fly. 

The Final Result

Old Devil Moon Projected Chalkboard

Since the digital animated tap list is projected onto an actual chalkboard, the board could be divided showing the projected beer list at the top and in actual chalk written and drawn elements at the bottom. How awesome is that!

Cool projected tap board