Category: Pub

Client: Locust Rendezvous

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017

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The Challenge:

Michele, the manager of the Locust Rendezvous, an unpretentious, wood-paneled watering hole with craft-beer options, weekly drink specials & bar food in Philadelphia got in touch with us regarding her plan to change one of their TV screens into a digital chalkboard showing their tap list, drink specials, lunch and dinner specials as well as upcoming events.

The Solution:

Michele sent us design details of how she wanted the chalkboard layout to look. Based on her specifications we created and coded two chalkboard presentations, one highlighting the lunch specials and one showing dinner specials. The two presentations were set on an automatic schedule to display the lunch specials during the day and then automatically switch to the dinner specials presentation in the evening.

Remote Installation:

With our "Plug & Play" system, connecting the sign controller to her already installed TV and internet router was easy. Pub staff is now able to change tap list and specials content on the fly using our iOS app or a web browser.

Electronic beer tap menu baord

The image above is an actual snapshot of their tap list and lunch specials taken in December 2017.

Digital chalk menu board

The image above is an actual snapshot of their tap list and dinner specials taken in December 2017