Digital Restaurant Menu Chalkboards

project details:

The Challenge:

The owners of the Taco Shack in Stuart, Florida contacted us about replacing their handwritten chalkboard menus with a digital solution using TV screens.

The Solution:

Based on their existing menus we created designs for a 3 board solution. After reviewing and testing the menu design mock ups on the TVs the Taco Shack owners approved the designs. We developed the board presentation to exact specifications and after connecting the media players we sent to the Taco Shack, the digital chalkboard menus were ready to go.

Taco Shack staff now can update their menu boards on the fly without having to erase and handwrite the way they had to do it before.

  • Completed on: June 1st, 2021
  • Location: Stuart, FL
  • Client: Taco Shack
Restaurant menu chalkboard


The handwritten Taco Shack menu boards

Menu board design


The 3 board design we created

Digital Chalkboards


The new digital menu chalkboards

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