Digital retro chalkboards

project details:

The Challenge:

We were contacted by the Aquitaine Group in Boston to develop digital chalkboards with a retro look for the newly renovated Gaslight Cafe in Boston. They were looking for 4 boards displaying the cafe menu, but they also wanted features such as an analog clock, current date, 3 day local weather forecast as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media feeds. Design for the 4 boards were created and supplied by Aquitaine Group's Creative Director.

The Solution:

We developed the digital menu boards to the exact design specifications and implemented the features of a retro looking analog clock showing the current local time in Boston as well as an accurate 3 day weather forecast and the social media feeds. The owner decided later not to show the social media feeds, but use text that can be managed by staff instead. Updating content, including all menu items is now easy for staff to do through our web based interface.

  • Completed on: June 15th, 2018
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Client: Aquitaine Group
Digital Cafe Menuboard
Digital Retro Chalkboard
Vintage electronic menu board

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