Digital Cafe Menu Board with a modern Chalkboard look

project details:

The Challenge:

Jeff and Carlos from Fuel America, a coffee roasting company in Boston, contacted us about replacing their printed menu boards in one of their Cafes with a digital menu board solution. One of the challenges was to redesign the layout from a 5 panel vertical layout to a three board horizontal layout.

The Solution:

Our graphic design team was able to live up to the challenge and created a layout to fit all menu board content on three in a row aligned, horizontally mounted TV screens. We developed the board presentation to exact specifications and sent the media players to Fuel America. All Jeff and Carlos had to do was connect the media players and the new menus were visible on the three screens. Fuel America might add additional Cafe locations and with our web based system it's easy to set user permission for content management for each location. Content can be updated on the fly.

  • Completed on: February 14, 2020
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Client: Fuel America
Digital Menu Board

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