Chalk Menu Board Bakery

project details:

The Challenge:

The Owner of the Carmel Bakery in Carmel by the Sea, California contact us about our Digital Chalk Menu Boards. The bakery was undergoing renovations and the owner wanted to change the old chalk boards with a digital solution to make it easier for staff to update menu items and specials. Staff had to use ladders to reach the chalkboards, and not every staff member was able to write legibly with a stick of chalk while on top of a ladder!

The Solution:

The solution provided by Flook Digital Media was to recommend the installation of 3 60” HDTVs side by side and to use our ‘Digital Chalkboard’ system. It was important to the client to retain as much of the charm of a real chalk board but making it easy to change the information.We would love to travel and do every installation ourselves, but we would be traveling 24/7 around North America! Thankfully we don’t have to because our system is a remote plug and play system. The Carmel Bakery was able to purchase the TVs locally, and it was very easy for the local electrician to install the screens and connect the media players to the TV and Internet router.We use a secure network to allow the data to go from the website to the media player which is connected through the Internet. Our systems are designed for easy use, flexibility and scalability in mind. Updates are easily made by Bakery staff staff through a password protected area of the Flook Digital Media web site.

  • Completed on:January 28, 2015
  • Location:Carmel, CA
  • Client: Carmel Bakery

Hi Markus and Tony,
Our Flook menu boards have been wonderful. Nothing but rave reviews !!! I am still amazed that we got this so right, and it has made our place very interesting to the guests.

Richard Pepe Owner Carmel Bakery

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