who we are

Tony & Markus co-founded Flook Digital Media with nearly four decades of web development and graphic design expertise between them.

Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner


Tony, born in London UK, brings skills in both hardware & software. The vision and development of Flook Digital Media has been the coming together of many interests in technology, computers and digital media.

Markus Doerner

Markus Doerner


Markus, originally from Bavaria, Germany has an incredible attention to detail. He has spent countless hours creating and managing hundreds of websites for clients around the world and is now happy to approach them about digital signage.

So what is the Flook team working on right now in the Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia? Well, trying to stay warm like everyone else!

what we believe

We believe your digital board should look and work exactly the way you want it to.

We custom design and custom develop your digital sign or menu board based on your ideas and specifications, we do not use a “template system” or anything preset. Your sign or menu board will look exactly as you envision. We can create design mock ups for you or work with your graphic designer and supplied menu board designs. We custom code your board accordingly.

We believe digital signage shouldn’t require a computer to run

We want to show you two reasons why people chose Flook Digital Media Inc. over the competition.

  1. We see so many digital signs with unwanted login boxes and task bars on them. This is something you will never see on a Flook digital media sign board.
  2. We don't run our digital signage platform on Windows, Mac or Linux. So no login screens or bottom task bars showing through your presentation. Of course you can switch these elements off, but we believe that running a presentation on a TV monitor should never be that difficult. We use a reliable 'Solid State' system with no moving parts, none. Not even a hard drive. Our system is also able to handle dusty environments and things such as heat and high humidity - the kiss of death to most PC based systems.

We believe digital signs should be easy for anyone to update from anywhere.

Our Flook Digital Media system has the built-in ability to handle remote locations. If you have many locations around the world, you can control them all from your main office. There is no limit on how many screens you can control.

Whenever you decide to change information on one or on all of your screens, simply login to our website and select the screen and locations you want to change. We now also have the option to download our iOS app to update digital sign content using your iPhone or iPad.

Even after a power outage, our system quickly resumes to the 'last known running state' or as we like to call it, the 'last known running state'! You will never be without your screens working, no blank screens.

We believe outstanding support should be the norm.

A customer comment that says it all

Listen to be straight. Was it an inconvenience? Yes but here’s the difference. Your company addressed it almost immediately and diligently worked with us until it was resolved - no matter whose end it was on. Just another reason why we are pleased that we chose Flook Media.

Thank you - we’re good

Michelle Manager at Locust Rendezvous - Philadelphia PA