Digital Whiteboard Calendar

project details:

The Challenge:

Kettle Craft, a Kelowna, BC pet treat manufacturer was in need to replace their whiteboard where they post pet treat recipes for each day in their manufacturing facility. They saw our digital menu boards at the Mediterranean Market and were wondering if a digital whiteboard was something we could do for them.

The Solution:

We custom developed the board presentations for 2 TVs side by side showing two consecutive months. They needed to display different ingredients in different colours plus a sidebar for notes. The facility manager now can edit the calendar and post ingredients to the boards from any device with Internet access. The new digital whiteboard set up is saving the company time and money.

  • Completed on: October 30, 2021
  • Location:Kelowna, BC
  • Client: Kettle Craft


Digital white board


Electronic whiteboard calendar


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