Category: Hotel/Resort

Client: The Ritz-Carlton, Naples FL

Location: Naples, FL

Completion Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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The Challenge:

The Ritz-Carlton in Naples Florida was looking for a digital signage solution to replace two manual information and cafe menu boards at the hotel. One board was for the Gumbo Limbo outdoor bar that is known for viewing spectacular beach sunsets. The other digital board was for the Umbria Cafe in the hotel.

The Solution:

For the Gumbo Limbo we designed an information board with a chalkboard look that displays the daily sunset time, daily specials as well as current air and water temperatures. We also included a retro style analog clock showing the current time.

WIFI digital Information board with a chalkboard look
Real time snapshot of the Gumbo Limbo outdoor board.

Digital Menu Chalkboard

For the Umbria Cafe we created a simple chalkboard menu displaying food items, beverages as well as daily specials. Both boards are connecting to the local network via WIFI and are easily updated daily by Ritz-Carlton staff through our web based interface.