Category: Brewery

Client: Mountains Walking

Location: Bozeman, MT

Date: Friday, September 14, 2018

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The Challenge:

The owner of Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub in Bozeman Montana got in touch with us about adding digital boards at their location. They were looking for two boards to display their current tap list with ability to upload pictures to a slide show, a board to display upcoming events and daily specials, also with the option to upload pictures as well as scrolling text tickers to display messages to guests. They also wanted to show video and pictures in a large format.

The Solution:

We created designs for the three boards based on their unique branding. TV screens are used for the three boards and a projector is used for the 4th board to display videos and images in sequence. Display time and duration can be set and scheduled.

We custom developed the digital boards accordingly and it is now very easy for staff manage content including upload pictures and videos using a web browser.

Digital Brewery Board

Digital Ice Cream Board in Dallas TX

Electronic Gelato Chalkboard

Electronic Gelato Chalkboard

The above two pictures are real time snapshots of board content.