Category: Store

Client: The Mediterranean Market

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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The Challenge:

The Mediterranean Market a Deli with locations in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia was looking for a solution to replace their existing plastic menu boards with a digital solution. Bonnie the owner was delighted to find our web site not only to find a company in Canada but also a company able to provide a custom solution with the chalkboard look they were looking for. Changing menu items and prices on the existing plastic boards was very time consuming since it had to be done in two locations, not to mention items on sale had a sticker placed over the regular price.

Mediterranean Market

Bonnie was looking for a solution that would make it easy to update menu items and pricing, ideally updating both locations at the same time.

The Solution:

We came up with design and layout stretching over three 60" TV screens. We were able to create a custom chalkboard look with a separate column for items on sale displaying the sale price in red chalk beside the regular price as well as separate areas to highlight sandwich specials and announcements. We even had space for two pictures which can be easily changed and updated by market staff on the fly.

Mediterranean Market digital chalkboards

Deli items, pricing and pictures can be changed on the fly, updating both deli locations Kelowna and Vernon at the same time.

Mediterranean Market deli electronic chalkboards

The above image is a partial snapshot showing some of the digital chalkboard details.

Mediterranean Market deli menu boards

"The feedback on the screens is all positive and we are happy."
Bonnie Schwab, Owner Mediterranean Market