Category: Pub

Client: Kiabacca, New York

Location: New York City

Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visit the Kiabacca Website

The Challenge:

The Kiabacca Bar in Manhattan, NY was in need to replace a handwritten chalkboard displaying their craft beer list.

The Solution:

We custom designed and coded a craft beer menu which after a set period of time switches to a presentation showing a changeable welcome message, a daily special with ability to upload an image and 4 "Craft Cocktails" and then switching back to the tap list in 5 minute intervals.

The Story:

Everything was working fine when Patrick, the owner came up with an idea: "Maybe we could show our Instagram feed on the board?" We re-coded the second presentation to show the Kiabacca Instagram feed displaying the latest 5 posts in rotation instead of the "Pizza of the Week" special.

"The Instagram feed is awesome!"

Pat asked us remove the tap list and just display the presentation with the Instagram feed.

Go check it out!