Category: Restaurant

Client: HiFi Juice Bar, Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Visit the HIFI Finess website

The Challenge:

The owners from the HIFI juice Bar in Chicago, IL contacted us to design and develop a digital menu board for the Juice Bar located within the HIFI Fitness Gym. In addition to a three column menu they were asking if it was possible to display a three day weather forecast, CNN news feed and their Twitter feed.

The Solution:

We custom designed and coded a one screen layout with their logo giving the appearance it was hand drawn with a piece of chalk. We were also able to include their local three day weather forecast, CNN news and Twitter feeds to appears as if it was handwritten in chalk, the same as the rest of the menu board.

On time and on budget

The digital craft beer boards were delivered to the HIFI Juice Bar in Chicago, IL on time for their opening and on budget.