Category: Pub

Client: Hallcat Annie's Tap Room

Location: New York City

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017

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The Challenge:

Patrick, owner of the Pony Bar in New York City informed us that the Pony Bar in Hells Kitchen changed branding and is now called Hellcat Annie’s. Pat asked us if we could change the existing 2 digital beer boards to reflect the new branding and also have the ability to automatically switch to a Happy Hour” screen during a set time period and keep existing ability to update tap list content on the fly throughout busy nights.

The Solution:

We changed the digital chalkboards with new logo showing faded into the chalkboard background and also came up with the following solution for “Happy Hour”. We were able to program the sign controllers so it automatically switches to a Happy hour screen with a red chalkboard tint, and showing a “Happy Hour” watermark displaying the existing tab list. But it also is showing the lower “Happy Hour” pricing and a different message in the announcement area.

Digital chalkboard tab list

The above image is showing a snapshot of the actual Hell Cat Annie’s beer board during regular hours.

Digital beer board with chalkboard look

The above image is showing a snapshot of the same beer board during “Happy Hour”.

Digital beer menu New York City