Category: Other

Client: Parks Canada

Location: Radium Hot Springs, BC

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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The Challenge:

Chris, Manager at Canadian Rockies Hot Springs in Radium Hot Springs, BC contacted us about replacing the wooden signs used to show the opening hours at the Radium Hot Springs pools with new digital signs. He wanted to be able to update and change the pool hours as well as display information to visitors.

The Solution:

We designed and developed two digital signs, using 42” TV screens, one for each entrance at the Radium Hot Springs pools. We created two presentations, one displaying the opening pool hours in both English and French which shows for 30 seconds, then it switches to the second presentation. The second presentation displays visitor information and announcements, again in both languages English and French, showing for 15 seconds then changing back to the hours.

Parks Canada staff is now able to manage both digital signs through our web based interface. Both signs update at the same time on the fly.

Electronic signage

Digital Signage
The above images show snapshots of the actual digital signs at the Radium Hot Springs pools.