Digital Resort Chalkboard

project details:

The Challenge:

The Vice-President - Food & Beverage at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV contacted us about replacing their existing chalkboard menus with digital versions but still maintaining a chalkboard look. The menus at the Second Street Cafe in the Grand Sierra Resort change 3 times daily and it was very difficult to keep the handwritten chalkboard menus updated.

The Solution:

We came up with vertical (portrait mode) design comps for three menu boards to fit the existing menus and keep the layout of the existing chalkboard menus. After the design was approved we developed three digital chalkboards with three menu presentations each and set the presentations on an automated schedule to switch from breakfast menu to daytime menu to overnight menu at set times. Three TV screens were installed vertically side by side at location. Once our sign controllers were connected the menus were displaying on the screen. Scheduled menus were switching across all three screens at the set times. Staff is now able to update and maintain all menus very quickly and updates change on the fly.

Digital Menu Board
Digital Resort Board
Digital Signage

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