Category: Restaurant

Client: The Market Cafe

Location: Palisades, NY

Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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The Challenge:

When we received a call from the Owner of The Market, he explained that they are using chalk boards in the cafe which were changed on a daily basis as their ‘specials’ changed all day long. In fact, they have so many food items and beverages that changed throughout the day, it turned into a real challenge for staff to keep the boards current.

They had to used ladders to reach the chalk boards that were mounted high above the counters, but on top of all this only certain staff could write legibly with a stick of chalk while on top of a ladder! Sound familiar?

The Solution:

The solution provided by Flook Digital Media was to recommend the installation of 2 50” HDTVs side by side and to use our ‘Digital Chalk Board’ system. It was important to the client to retain as much of the charm of a real chalk board but making it easy to change the information.

The two screens show different food items at different times of the day - which can be changed daily. One shows breakfast items until 11:30am and then changes to lunch specials while the other changes from lunch items to evening meals and a host of catering options and ready to go meals.

Digital chalk menu boards Canada

Remote Installation:

We would love to travel and do every installation ourselves, but we would be traveling 24/7 around North America! Thankfully we don’t have to because our system is a remote plug and play system. The Market was able to purchase the two TVs locally, they even dressed up the TVs with a wooden boarder/frame to keep in line with the interior aesthetics. Flook Digital Media programmed the two solid state sign controllers and shipped them to the client. They connected the units each to HDMI cable and ethernet and the screens started to play the Digital Chalk Board presentations.


Flook Digital Media uses a secure network to allow the data to go from the website to the sign controller which is connected through the Internet. Flook Digital Media Systems are designed for easy use, flexibility and scalability in mind.Updates are easily made by The Market staff through a password protected area of the Flook Digital Media web site. They log in and are able to change every single line of text on the screens and upload new promotional ads.

"I have to admit that when the old chalk boards came down and the TVs went up on the wall I was a little skeptical of the whole idea! But after using them now for a couple of months I seriously can not think how we ran the cafe without them! Our customers love the screens, they are easy to read and they are very easy to change and keep accurate and our sales of catering have increased."
Charlie, Manager The Market Cafe