Category: Restaurant

Client: Botolino Gelato Artiginale

Location: Dallas, TX

Completion Date: Friday, March 15, 2019

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The Challenge:

Carlo, the owner of Botolino Gelato Artigianale, a gelato cafe in Dallas, Texas contacted us about replacing his static gelato board with a digital version to make it easier to change and update his gelato flavours.

The Solution:

Carlo's graphic designer created the layout and chalkboard design for his new digital board. We custom developed the board to exact design specifications. It is now very easy for Carlo and his staff to update gelato flavours daily by simply using a device with a web brower. An RSS feed is generated from board content which can be used to dynamically update web site and Social Media content.

Digital Gelato Board

Digital Ice Cream Board in Dallas TX

Electronic Gelato Chalkboard