Category: Store

Client: Bake Sale Patti

Completion Date: Friday, May 19, 2017

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The Challenge:

Trish the owner of a new bakery called Bake Sale Patti located in in Poway, CA contacted us about a digital chalkboard for her bakery. Tirsh had a very clear vision of what she was looking for and design elements such as logo, fonts and icons were provided by Trish's graphic designer.

The Solution:

For the number of items she needed to show on the digital menu we agreed on two screens mounted horizontal side by side. We've modified her logo to give it an authentic hand drawn chalk look, designed the layout and coded the digital bakery chalkboards accordingly. Trish and staff are now able to update the menu on the fly using our iOS app or a browser.

Digital Signage San Diego

Digital Bakery Chalkboard

The image above is an actual snapshot of their menu taken on June 15th, 2017

Digital chalk menu board

The image above is an another snapshot of the Bake Sale Patti menu.