Category: Store

Client: Ambiente, Invermere BC

Location: Invermere, BC

Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Challenge:

Ambiente, a home decor and art & gift store in Invermere, BC was looking for a digital signage solution to display upcoming events, sales and information for customers. Store owners also wanted to be able to easily move the digital board to different areas within the store.

The Solution:

We developed a custom digital signage solution with a wireless Internet connection that was connected to a TV screen. A talented local carpenter built a wooden easel to encase the sign controller and frame the vertical mounted TV. The end result was digital portable sign that could be placed anywhere in the store within reach of a power outlet and display custom content.

Updating and scheduling content is now easy for staff using any device with an Internet connection.

Digital display board

Digital mobile store board