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Digital Signs powered by Flook Digital Media can be updated and maintained at anytime from anywhere, using any computer with any web browser.

But….there's no computer running your signage! Nope. We don't like the fact that with some digital signs all you see is a Windows® 'Log In' screen across your presentation, or dare we say even an update or error message!

Flook Digital Media customers enjoy media rich, HD quality images and video, with features such as RSS and MRSS & Twitter feeds updating your sign content in just seconds.

We should also mention, our system means there is no software to purchase, no need to learn HTML or a web design program such as Dreamweaver® and nothing to download, upgrade or configure. So that means no viruses, and is as secure as, well, as secure as if you didn't use a computer at all …. as a matter of fact we don't.

Don't be noticed by chance, make it a Flook.

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Your customers are 10 times more likely to notice your sale if you use digital media

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